Our Motivation

To design and build the best standing desk in the industry using the best materials. Proudly made in the USA.

We’re fans of standing up for what we believe in.


Yes, the irony is not lost on us, but seriously, standing is a motivator. It gets you moving. You’re not about to take action – you are taking action. 

And we know that positive thinking is only the first step to making your vision a reality, so we took a step away from our desks and created an action plan.

Ergonomic workspaces that promote interactive communication while standing.

Transform the standard/ordinary standing desk and elevate it to something greater.

A workstation that is clean, minimal and beautiful that will in turn increase self fulfillment and self worth plus promote productivity and health benefits.

Think About the Earth
Where possible we use recycled materials and materials that are environmentally friendly.

Create a Game Changer
Build the only height standing desk available on the market with dry erase glass.  Dry erase glass is the perfect solution for standing desk tops because of the versatility of the surface and color options.

Sketch. Write down your thoughts and ideas. The desk is designed for it. You can even use a Sharpie®.  Just wipe it down with Windex® to clean it.



We’re not “chained to our desks.” And neither are you. Get ready to create a workspace that will not only look amazing, you’ll feel good, too.