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7 Key Benefits Of a Standing Desk

Standing Desks September 14, 2022

7 Key Benefits Of a Standing Desk

Do you find yourself sitting too much throughout the day? One of the most recent innovations in an office and home work set has been the standing desk.

A standing desk looks to be the same as any normal desk except it gives you the ability to stand up comfortably when working. These desks can be adjusted for stand up work. But what are the key benefits of standing desk stations?

Although research is in the early stages, standing desks have proven to facilitate benefits to your health.

If you need more information, don’t fret. Here are seven of the key benefits of a standing desk and what you can expect after use.

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1. Obesity and Curbing Weight Gain

Obesity is one of the biggest issues across the world. Unhealthy individuals suffer because of additional weight gain from being sedentary.

To gain weight you have to take in more calories than you burn. Burning more calories than you take in is how you lose weight.

There’s no magic pill, but one of the benefits of standing desk stations are the calories burned that you don’t burn when sitting.

Although exercise burns calories faster than standing, standing has proven to burn over 170 additional calories throughout an afternoon. This results in almost 1,000 calories burned in a week.

More calories burnt means more weight loss.

2. Reduction in Back Pain

Have you noticed an issue in posture? If your back and spine are bothering you, it might be from sitting all day.

Standing desk participants have seen a 32 percent improvement in lower back pain. This study covered a duration of several weeks of testing throughout a randomized trial.

Introducing standing desks had a direct correlation to a reduction in back pain within two weeks. Back issues are one of the leading common office work complaints in the industry.

3. Improve Movement and Energy

Proper blood circulation is important for living a healthy life.

A standing desk provides the necessary daily movement to develop, improve, and facilitate circulation to deliver oxygen to the brain. In turn, this will increase your energy and attentiveness in the office.

As blood flow increases, so do joint and muscle movement.

Transitioning from sitting to a standing counteracts health repercussions. These repercussions are existent in a sedentary work routine. Make sure you’re working and providing these same advantages to your body.

4. Ergonomics and Corrective Posture

As mentioned above, a reduction in back and neck pain can be facilitated through the ergonomics of standing. Ergonomics is the way an individual uses their body. This can be anything from sitting to standing, bending, lifting, working, etc.

The spine is set in a natural “S” shape. Choosing to stand over sitting will help your spin elongate becoming less strained. This promotes better posture and acts as a corrective function to your body.

Practicing proper ergonomics is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Live a Longer Life

A link between standing desks and longer life? This can’t be a reliable correlation, right?

Considering the health benefits of standing over sitting, it’s apparent that healthier routines result in longer life. Studies have backed up this information as well.

Eighteen studies showed that individuals who sit the most are 49 percent higher to develop a health issue that results in death. A reduction in sitting by three hours per day can add at least two years to an individual’s life expectancy.

6. Boost to Productivity

Before researching the benefits of standing desk stations, you might think they’re a hindrance to daily tasks. Office work like typing, sorting, and technological aspects have seen no significant impact.

In fact, using a standing desk is more likely to boost productivity than hinder it.

Standing stimulates circulation sending more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. The complete opposite happens when you’re sitting.

Within ten minutes of standing, employees found a boost of focus during the workday. Sitting facilitates the drive of tiredness and unproductive tendencies. When standing, energy is increased.

7. Open to Tasks

When you’re seated at your desk, you’re less likely to get up and go to the printer for a document.

But when you’re standing, you’re more inclined to move for tasks. This may seem simple at first, but the more tasks you get done the more productive you’re being. All this and more is possible from standing.

Don’t let your chair swallow you whole for the day. Facilitate an active work routine by switching to a standing desk.

Use a Standing Desk Correctly

In order to receive all these benefits of a standing desk, you need to know how to use it.

Make sure you’re adjusting your desk to the appropriate height during use. Adjust the desk height to align your neck, head, and spine. Your wrist should lay flat on the desk with elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.

Ease into the process.

You shouldn’t go from sitting all day to standing all day. The body, like most things, needs time to adjust.

Start the process off by standing for 20-30 minutes in intervals throughout the day. Rotate between sitting and standing in various time slots. Eventually, this will lead to standing as long as you’ll let yourself throughout a workday.

But beware. Although standing desks are a healthier alternative to sitting, standing can be just as unhealthy. Long periods of standing can affect your body adversely.

If you want to make the most of your new standing desk, walk around every so often. Perform air squats or a few lunges at your desk.

Elevation Concepts

All of these benefits of standing desk stations should get you thinking.

Now that you know all this simple switch can do for you, who can you trust to give you the best product for the job? Elevation Concepts has you covered.

Using the highest quality materials, Elevation Concepts designs sleek, modern, and minimalist standing desks and tables for the office or work from home. We raise the standard through excellent customer service and products.

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